One Fresh Fruit Box$4.99

One Fresh Fruit Box$6.99

Combo Fresh Fruit$8.99

My Mochi Ice Cream$3.99

Spicy Mayo Bottle$4.99

Wasabi Mayo Bottle$4.99

Eel Sauce Bottle$4.99

Ginger Bottle$4.99

Water Bottle$1.49

Starbacks Coffee Bottle$2.49

Red Bul & Any Energy Bottle$2.49

Any Can Suda$1.49


Vegan Tempura Roll$7.99(6 pieces)

Cucumber,sun dried tomatoes,artichoke hearts topping sushi sauce.

Tempera Roll$7.99(6pieces)

Cucumber,crab mix,tempura shrimp, deep fried topping sushi sauce.

My Sushi Roll $13.99(6pieces)

tuna, salmon, cream cheese, tamago, avocado, crab, -deep fried- topped with teriyaki, spicy mayo,fried onions

Dodge Park Roll$7.99 (6pieces)

Avocado,cream cheese,crab stick,deep fried and topping sushi sauce, spicy mayo.

15 Mile Roll $7.99(6pieces)

Cucumber,cream cheese,shrimp,deep fried and sushi sauce,spicy mayo

Las Vegas Roll$8.99(6pieces)

Avocado,cream cheese,salmon,deep fried and topping spicy mayo green onion

Fried rice chicken yakitori Japanese $6.99

Fried veggie Japanese-style noodles$6.99

Shrimp Tempura (6pieces)$8.49

tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried topping sushi sauce and spicy mayo.

Amigos Fried Roll (10pieces)$13.99

Ebi (white shrimp)cucumber, avocado, deep fried topping jalapeno, spicy mayo, sriracha.

Lansing Michigan (10pieces)$14.99

mango, crab mix, avocado, cream cheese, tempura shrimp topping jalapeno, spicy mayo, my sushi sauce, sushi sauce.(deep fried)

Tsunami Tempura Roll (10pieces)$13.99

avocado, cream cheese, 2tempura shrimp deep fried roll topping spicy mayo and sushi sauce.

Fried Rock & Roll (10 pieces)$14.99

tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, sweet coconut, pineapple topping sushi sauce, spicy mayo, kiwi chop & mango chop.

Ramen Noodles Chicken$10.99

ramen noodles with tender white chicken meat & vegetables in tokyo-style soy sauce broth.


Fish Egg California$7.99

Avocado,cucumber,crab,topping Fish Egg.

Detroit Roll$8.99

Avocado, Cucumber,spicy Crab Mix,tempura Shrimp,topping Masago & Eel Sauce.

Spicy Tuna Roll$6.99

Avocado,cucumber,tuna Topping Spicy Mayo And Green Onion

Spicy Salmon Roll $6.99

Avocado,cucumber,salmon Topping Spicy Mayo And Green Onion

Tuna Poke Bowl $11.99

Salmon,avocado,cucumber,mango,seaweed Salad Side Sweet Chili And Spicy Mayo

Salmon Poke Bowl $11.99

Salmon,avocado,cucumber,mango,seaweed Salad Side Sweet Chili And Spicy Mayo

Alaska Roll $6.99


Tuna Roll $5.99

Tuna, Cucumber.

Salmon Roll$5.99


Maki 3roll$12.99(15pieces)

Tuna,salmon,crab Stick Roll.


Vegetable Roll$5.00

Carrots , Avocado ,cucumber.

Fruit Roll$5.99


Fruit Crunchy $6.99

Mango,avocado,apple, Spicy Mayo Eel Sauce & Fried Onion

Crunchy Vegetable$6.99

Carrots , Avocado ,cucumber Topping Spicy Mayo,eel Sauce And Fried Onion

Veggies Rainbow Roll$9.49

Cucumber,avocado,carrot Topping Roasted Red Pepper,green Pepper,yellow Pepper Side Ponzu Sauce

Fruit Rainbow Roll$9.49

Avocado,cucumber,pineapple Topping Mango,kiwi,strawberry

Coconut Cherry Or Appricot$10.99

Avocado,mango Roasted Sweet Coconut,sweet Potato,henry Master And Side Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce

Vegan Mix And Fruit Mix Roll$10.99

Avocado, Cucumber, Sweet Potato, Dried Mango, Apple, Apricot, Toppings Jelly And Spicy Mayo

Healthy Japanese Veggie Roll $9.99

Seaweed Salad,avocado, Cucumber,takuan ,yamago,kampyo, Side Sweet Chili Sauce

Vegan Caterpillars Roll$9.49(10pieces)

Cucumber,sun Dried Tomatoes,artichoke Hearts Topping Avocado And Sushi Sauce.


Dancing Eel Roll $13.99(10pieces)

Cream Cheese,cucumber,tempura shrimp topping eel fish ,avocado and eel sauce

Sea-world Roll $14.99(10pieces)

Avocado,crab mix,cucumber,tempura shrimp,lobsters,topping masago,teriyaki sauce.

New York Crunchy Roll$11.99(10pieces)

Avocado,crab mix,cucumber,tempura shrimp,lobsters,topping masago,teriyaki sauce.

Sterling Heights roll$11.99

Crab mix,cucumber,tempura shrimp,topping crab, spicy Mayo, Sushi sauce

Michigan Roll$11.99

Tempura Shrimp,crab Salad,avocado,topping Spicy Mayo,Sushi Sauce And Fried Onion

Caterpillar Roll$12.99

Cream Cheese,eel,cucumber,crunchy Topping Avocado And Sushi Sauce

Teriyaki Chicken Rolls$10.99

Avocado,cucumber,chicken,spicy Mayo And Sushi Sauce Topping Fried Onion

My Sushi Yum Yum$10.99

Cream Cheese,avocado,carb,tempura Shrimp,egg, Topping Spicy Mayo Sushi Sauce And Fried Onion

Shrimp coco $13.99(8pieces) (soy paper)

Tempura shrimp,coconut,avocado,master Mayo sauce and side spicy mayo,sushi sauce

New Zealand Roll$ 12.99(10pieces)

Smoked salmon,cream cheese,tempura crunchy topping Kiwi side sushi sauce.

Maki 3 Roll $9.99(15pieces)

Avocado,cucumber,carrot roll.

Crunchy Cheese Roll (10 pieces)$12.99

avocado, 2 tempura shrimp, cream cheese, topping crispy cheese, sushi sauce & spicy mayo.

Motor City (6 pieces no seaweed)$12.99

mango, cream cheese ,tempura shrimp, avocado, flour tortilla wraps, topping with sushi sauce, my sushi yum yum sauce & fish egg.


Green Tea$1.49

Miso Soup$1.99

Vegetable Dumplings$5.49(6pieces)

Chicken Dumplings$5.49(6pieces)

Spring Rolls Vegetable5.49(6pieces)

Spring Roll Chicken$5.49(6pieces)

Seaweed Salad $3.99(4 Oz)

Tempura Shrimp$6.99(4pieces)

Takuan Salad $2.99

Squad Salad$5.99

Baby Octopus Salad$5.99

House Salad$4.49

Kids Mango California $5.49

Avocado, Cucumber,mango Topping Sprinkle


California Roll$5.49

Crab , Cucumber, Avocado

Real Crab California$7.99

Avocado, Cucumber,real Crab.

Spicy Cali Roll $5.99

Avocado, Cucumber, Spicy Crab Mix, Top Spicy Mayo

Crab Salad Roll$6.49

Avocado, Cucumber, Crab Mix.

California Krispy Roll $7.49

Avocado, Spicy Crab Stick , Cucumber, Top Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauces & Fried Onion.

Philadelphia Roll$6.49

Avocado, Cream,carb Stick.

Spicy Shrimp Roll $6.49(10pieces)

Avocado, Cucumber,cooked Baby Shrimp Topping Spicy Mayo.

Spicy Shrimp Roll $6.49(10pieces)

Avocado, Cucumber,cooked Baby Shrimp Topping Spicy Mayo.

Crunchy Shrimp Roll $7.99(10pieces)

Avocado,cucumber,cooked Baby Shrimp Topping Tempura Crunchy Sushi Sauce,spicy Mayo

Tempura Shrimp Roll$7.49

Crab Mix ,avocado, Cucumber,tempura Shrimp Topping Sushi Sauce

Eel Avocado Roll$6.99(10pieces)

Eel, Avocado Topping Eel Sauce.

Eel Cucumber Roll$6.99(10pieces)

Eel,cucumber Topping Eel Sauce.

Love Spicy Roll (10 pieces)$7.49

crab mix , avocado, cucumber topping jalapenos, spicy mayo & spicy sriracha.


Cpcv Party Tray$21.99

California, Philadelphia ,Crab Salad, Vegetable Roll

Csnt Party Tray $32.99

Cali Crunchy, Shrimp Crunchy, New York Crunchy, Tempura Shrimp Roll

Mcdr Party Tray$44.99

Michigan, Caterpillar, Dragon, Rainbow Rol

DSSKH family tray$54.99

Detroit,Sterling heights,spider,king smoked,healthy Japanese roll.

Nigiri Sushi $39.99

Chef Choice 20 Piece Nigiri

Fresh Fruit Tray$14.99

Michigan Family Tray (48 pieces)$64.99

Motor city, Sterling Heights Lansing Michigan, Dodge park, Detroit, Michigan roll.

Chef Choice Deep fried roll (38 pieces)$46.99

amigos, Fried Philadelphia, tempura, vegan tempura, shrimp tempura roll.

Fried Veggies Noodles Tray$44.99

fried veggies noodles tray for 6 to 7 people

Fried Rice Veggies Tray$44.99

fried rice veggies tray mix veggies with fried rice for 6 to 7 people.


Spider Roll$14.99 (10pieces)

Tempura soft shell crab,avocado, cucumber,topping masago & eel sauce .

Rainbow Roll$11.99

Crab Mix ,avocado, Cucumber,topping Shrimp,salmon,tuna And Avocado

Dragon Tuna Roll $11.99

Crab Mix ,avocado, Cucumber,topping Tuna And Avocado

Dragon Salmon Roll$11.99

Crab Mix ,avocado, Cucumber,topping salmonAnd Avocado

Naruto$11.99 (no rice)

Cucumber wrapped,inside tuna,salmon,shrimp,crab stick,avocado & topping masago & spicy Mayo.

King smoked salmon$ 12.99

Cucumber,cream cheese,crab stick,topping smoked salmon, masago.

New Tokyo tuna$13.99 (10pieces)

Inside Tuna ,avocado ,tempura crunchy topping tuna and side wasabi Mayo .

New Alaska salmon$13.99(10pieces)

Inside Salmon,avocado,tempura crunchy topping Salmon and side wasabi Mayo.

Tuna Thai$14.99(8pieces)(soy paper)

Tuna, jalapeƱo,coconut,avocado master mayo sauce and side spicy mayo Sushi sauce.

Salmon Lovers (10 pieces)$14.99

Salmon , cream cheese, avocado topping 2 pieces salmon , mayo & salmon caviar.

Happy Lunch Hours Monday to Friday 12pm to 3pm Any 3 Roll $15 below

1.California Roll $5.49

2.Spicy Cali Roll$5.99

3.Crab Salad roll$6.49

4.California Krispy Roll $7.49

5.Philadelphia Roll $5.99

6.Tempura Shrimp Roll$6.99

7.Eel avocado roll $6.99

8.Eel cucumber roll $6.99

9.Vegetable Roll$5.00

10.Fruit Roll$5.99

11.Fruit Crunchy $6.99

12.Crunchy Vegetable $6.99

13.Spicy Tuna$6.99(raw)

14.Spicy Salmon Roll$6.99(raw)

15.Alaska Roll $6.99(raw)

16.Tuna Roll $5.99(raw)

17.Salmon Roll$5.99

18.Tempera Roll $7.49

19.Spicy shrimp roll$6.49

20.Crunchy Shrimp roll$7.99


Regular Combos$12.99(20pieces)

Philadelphia And California Crunchy Roll

Vegetable Combo $11.99(20pieces)

Vegetable Roll And Vagi Crunchy Roll

Fruit Combo$12.49(20pieces)

Fruit Roll And Fruit Crunchy Roll

Sushi Combos$12.49(20pieces)

California Crunchy/shrimp Crunchy And 3 Pieces Sushi Salmon/tuna/shrimp.

Spicy Combo$17.99(30pieces)

Spicy Tuna,spicy Salmon,spicy California

Crunchy Combo$13.99(20pieces)

California Crunchy And Shrimp Crunchy

Ds Combos$19.99(16 Pieces)

Detroit Roll,sterling Heights Roll.

Lunch Sushi Combos$14.99

California Krispy,and 5 Pieces Sushi Nigiri .

unch Combo$14.99

California Krispy Roll And Fried Rice Chicken With Mix Vegetable.

Dinner Combos$14.99

Crunchy Shrimp Roll And Fried Noodles With Crisp Vegetable.

D15 Combos$15.99(12 Pieces)

Dodge Park Roll And 15 Mile Roll Deep Fried.

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